Our Approach

Our “phylosophy approach” is based on detoxification.

Autism has been connected to multifactorial systems: Swiss Autism approach method (*) acts on:

– Individual Metabolism & Biochemistry

– Genetic & Epigenetic Attitude

– Heavy Metal Toxicity

– Microbiota – Brain Link

– Mitochondrial Biology

– Metilation process & Metabolic Reactions

– Environnemental Conditions

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Our approach is an integrated biomedical one that analyzes all aspects of the person from a holistic point of view: evaluation of cellular metabolism, micorbiota’s health and its connections to the brain, the toxin load, the epigenetic aspect and its relationship with the environment in order to provide a treatment that restores systemic balance.

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To complete our Biochemical Approach, we suggest to use an instrument (*) that acts, through scalar waves, in the environment in which we live. Among the innovative features of this instrument is the “quantum chelation” which facilitates a global rebalancing and which is carried out by monitoring over 33 biochemical parameters.

 genetic & epigenetic

Autism isn’t a genetics disorder even though there is a connection between autism andgenetics as well as genetics and environment..

Heavy metals toxicity

Heavy metals (arsenic, cadmium, chromium, aluminum, lead, mercury, ect) and thepollution that semi-metals produce such as arsenic (often found in children’s hair with ASD) interfere with biochemical pathways…

microbiota – brain

The digestive tract hosts a very high number of microorganisms, which, especially in theintestine, find an environment suitable for their growth due to the presence of numerous nutrients. The set of these microorganisms is called a microbiota, which naturally..

mitochondrial biology

During mitochondrial respiration, oxidative stress is determineted by the inability to neutralize free radicals and waste oxygen.
Oxidative stress is always present in DSA cases this type of mitochondrial disorder is trggered by enviromental toxins.

Metilation process &
Metabolic Reaction in Autism

Methylation is believed to be a fundamental process in Autism biochemistry

In particular, the metabolism of methyl groups includes three parallel processes: 

– metabolism of folate
– Remethylation of homocysteine
– Transulfuration reactions

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Our medical center deals with metabolic and gastrointestinal problems involved in the autism spectrum disorders through a functional and integrated therapeutic approach. Indoing this, we take advantage of cutting-edge tests and adapt our therapies to the real needsof the body taking into account the biochemical and metabolic uniqueness that distinguishes each person.

The importance of detoxification

Another important factor to consider is the intestinal microbiota. This term refers to the set of microrganisms that naturally inhabit our digestive tract, especially in the colon…

Our Pathways

The number of evidences that connects intestinal dysbiosis and the proliferation in the gut of potentially dangerous microorganisms eg (Candida, clostridia) with the neurophysiological characteristics of the autistic spectrum is growing year by year. In our opinion the treatmentthe intestine and its microbiota represents a crucial aspect that should not be overlooked and can be addressed through a complete and functional therapeutic approach.

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Autism spectrum disorders are neurodevelopmental disorders to which numerous andcomplex genetic, immune and environmental factors contribute. This group of disorders arecharacterized by stereotyped behaviors, communicative and social deficits. One of the keyaspects of this altered neuro-development is certainly an inappropriate immune response and the presence of a pro-inflammatory state at the neuronal level.

Who we are

We are a Medical Multidisciplinary Equipe specialized in biochemistry since 30 years. We are devoted to Biological Medicine with focus in research for new health paradigmes.



April 2, 2020 – World Autism Awareness Day –


A New paradigm in Autism Treatment

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